Faculty of Music

Preparing Printed Programs

Step One: Read the Style Guide

Reading the Style Guide is an important first step!

Step Two: Prepare Your Program According to the Style Guide

The Style Guide has been condensed into these easy fill-in-the blank Microsoft Word files. Please note that they only work on Microsoft Word but does not work on Microsoft Open Office. Recitalists are most welcome to prepare their programs in the Word Processor of their choice, however, they must use the Style Guide above. Questions about style, should be directed to the Reference Librarian, Lisa Philpott.

N.B.: To print the Fill-in-the-Blanks documents without the comments, Choose File > Print > ALT W (or the "Print What" drop-down menu) > Document > OK. You do NOT want it to say "Document and Markups."

N.B.: To show the table borders/lines that you're working with, select Table > Show Gridlines.

Step Three: Printing Your Program onto the Appropriate Template

Print the template, place it in your printer and print your program (see above) onto it.