Faculty of Music

Course Outlines

pdf icon 1102b Listening to Music

pdf icon 1122b Fundamentals of Music Theory

pdf icon 1629b Introduction to Composition

pdf icon 1650b Studies in Music Theory II

pdf icon 1695b Introduction to Electroacoustic Music Systems

pdf icon 1711g Music History: c.900 to c.1600

pdf icon 1730b Introduction to Popular Music and Culture (with Canada 150 Content)

pdf icon 2171b Music in Global Contexts II

pdf icon 2650b Studies in Music Theory IV

pdf 2695a Introduction to Electroacoustic Music

pdf 2700a WWII Popular Music

pdf icon 2700b Post WWII Popular Music

pdf 2701a Musical Theatre

pdf icon 2701b Musical Theatre

pdf icon 2702b Introduction to Jazz

pdf icon 2708b Special Topics in Music: Musical Theatre II - Stephen Sondheim and his Contemporaries (1970-2000)

pdf 2710f Music History c. 1600-1800

pdf icon 2711g Music History c. 1800-present

pdf 2734a Analysis of Popular Music: the 1960's

pdf icon 2736b Introduction to Digital Audio Production

pdf icon 3601a Introduction to Schenkerian Analysis

pdf icon 3602b Chromatic Harmony

pdf icon 3620a Tonal Counterpoint I

pdf icon 3621b Tonal Counterpoint II

pdf icon 3629 Composition II

pdf icon 3630b Choral Arranging

pdf icon 3640 Score Preparation and Instrumentation

pdf icon 3649a Studies in Music Theory V

pdf icon 3650b Studies in Music Theory VI

pdf icon 3695 Electroacoustic Music Composition

pdf icon 3700b Topics in Medieval Music

pdf icon 3704a Representations of Death in Music of the Nineteenth Century

pdf icon 3713a Topics in Ethnomusicology

pdf icon 3730a Popular Music Genre Studies: Television Music

pdf icon 3735a Songwriting: Lyrics

pdf icon 3737a Topics in the Popular Music Industry

pdf icon 3738b Digital-Audio Engineering

pdf icon 3750a Opera to c. 1830

pdf icon 3754a The Symphony, 1850-­present

pdf icon 3760b Topics in Canadian Music

pdf icon 3762a Music and Politics in the Twentieth Century

pdf icon 3791b Issues in Musicology

pdf icon 4629 Composition

pdf icon 4630y Introduction to Research in Music Theory

pdf icon 4740y Advanced Project in Popular Music Production