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The Don Wright Faculty of Music Student Services is in Talbot College Room 210.

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To ensure you receive the most accurate, current academic program information and advice, consult the appropriate advisor:

Incoming Students
First Year Students
Bachelor of Musical Arts (BMusA)
Bachelor of Arts Honors Specialization
Music Major and Minor Students

Please consult the Faculty of Music’s Academic Counselor, Diane Mills and the office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Admissions and Programs.

Contact Odilla Van Delinder, ovandeli@uwo.ca, 519-661-2044 to make an appointment.

Bachelor of Music (BMus) Honors Students

Once you have been admitted to a Bachelor of Music Honors program, the Chair of the student’s degree program becomes your academic advisor. 

To make your appointment, contact:

Diploma and Certificate Students

Medical Accommodation Policy

Western’s medical note policy applies to all students.

Outline of policy:

"In order to ensure fairness and consistency for all students, academic accommodation for work representing 10% or more of the student’s overall grade in the course shall be granted only in those cases where there is documentation indicating that the student was seriously affected by illness and could not reasonably be expected to meet his/her academic responsibilities. Documentation shall be submitted, as soon as possible, to the appropriate Dean’s office..."

Documentation from Family Physicians and Walk-In Clinics

A Western Student Medical Certificate (SMC)* is required if a student is seeking academic accommodation. This documentation should be obtained at the time of the initial consultation with the physician or walk-in clinic.

Download SMC*: http://www.uwo.ca/univsec/pdf/academic_policies/appeals/medicalform_15JUN.pdf. Hard copies are available from the student’s home Faculty Academic Counseling Service.

Documentation from Student Health Services

Documentation from Hospital Urgent Care Centres or Emergency Departments

*Print or see an example of the Western Student Medical Certificate (SMC) at https://www.uwo.ca/univsec/pdf/academic_policies/appeals/medicalform_15JUN.pdf.

See also "Deferrals & Accommodation for Medical Illness" in the MPS Handbook.