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Don Wright Faculty of Music Undergraduate Gift Fund

Application Information

The Faculty of Music Undergraduate Gift Fund was established in 1993, and is replenished annually by students in the form of a $100.00 refundable levy, included in each student’s tuition fee. These funds have enabled the Faculty of Music to create a reserve of money, entitled The Faculty of Music Undergraduate Gift Fund. This reserve is used to enhance the educational experience of students within the faculty by providing funding for equipment and projects that would otherwise be impossible. For further information, please refer to the pdf document below.

The Gift Fund Committee is comprised of the Faculty of Music Students' Council President (Committee Chair), up to seven undergraduate Music students, a professor from the Faculty of Music, and the Dean of Music. The Committee meets twice per academic year to review submitted applications to the Gift Fund – during the Fall term (Round One), and the Winter term (Round Two). 

Gift Fund Round Two is now open for 2016-2017, and application forms are now available. An electronic (pdf) version of the application form and guidelines can be found below. Printed application forms are also available for pick-up from the Faculty of Music Dean’s Office (Talbot College – Room 212).


The Deadline Date to submit your Round Two application is: Friday, March 3, 2017 by 4:30 p.m. Applications can be submitted in printed copy only to the Dean’s Office.

The Gift Fund Committee will be meeting in mid-March to review all applications, and decisions will be communicated via email shortly thereafter.

If you have any questions about the Gift Fund process or application procedure, please contact Jaclyn Siou (Gift Fund Committee Chair/FoMSC President) at fomsc.president@gmail.com or Michelle Lynch (Financial Coordinator, Faculty of Music Dean’s Office) at mlynch4@uwo.ca

Application Guidelines

1) Guidelines for Submitting Applications:

2) Masterclasses and Concerts:

3) Equipment/Instrument Purchase:

4) Successful Applicants are Responsible For:

NOTE: Once approved, projects must be completed within two years from the approval date. If not completed, funds will be reverted back into the reserve. The Committee Chair or Dean’s Office must be notified of the progress and delays of all  projects.

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