Faculty of Music

Building Donors


We are deeply thankful for the Don Wright Faculty of Music alumni and friends who have stepped up for our newly renovated and expanded home, supporting our new building and in turn future generations of music alumni. Thank you to the following donors who have made gifts to the music building between January 1, 2013 and March 16, 2016. We would also like to thank all of the donors who have chosen to remain anonymous.


Lois R. Abel
Dr. Adam H. W. Adler
Robert M. Aldis
A. Estella Aldred
Geoffrey W. Alton
Sheila Alton
Carole A. Anderson
S. Joan Andrews
Baya Arts
Diane and James Ball
Dr. Jill M. Ball
Ericka Barrett Greenham
Patricia Barrett
Dr. Rodger J Beatty
Dennis A. Beck
Gwyn and Carol Beynon
Robert Blackwell
Deanne G. Bogdan
Henry H Boldt
Donna E. Bromley
Ronald K. Brown
Elizabeth A. Browne
Dr. Berthold Carrière
Dorraine Cartwright
Mary L. Cartwright
Charles H. Ivey Foundation
Patricia Clair
Bill and Norma Clare
Caryl L. Clark
Donald and Lorraine Clark
Earl C. Clark
Katherine M. Clark
Michael S. Cole
J. Robert and Mary Lake Collins
Mary Lois Cooper
Dr. Robert H. Cooper
Judith Craig
Jean Davies
Trevor M. Dearham
John and Sandra Dixon
Stephen and Ruth Dixon
Joan Downie
Joyce (Passmore) Dunbar
Maria D. Duncan
Ryan Dunn
Earle Terry Singers Alumnae
John J. Eberhard
Dr. and Mrs. Darryl and Dianne Edwards
Maureen Elder
Art and Eleanor Ender
A. Kim Eyre
Darryl Fabiani
Gerald and Marlene Fagan
Mary Margaret Farrow
Eunice E. Fennell
David H. Firth
Ken Fleet
Ann and Bill Fleming
Susan J. Follows
Vicki Gerth
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph and Gloria Gilbert
Dorothy Gillin
Jane L. Gingerich
Donald J. Grossman, CA
Harriette A. Haakman
Elizabeth A. M. Habel
Mary Jane Harding
Eve E. Harwood
Natasha J. Harwood
H. Robert Hayman
Carol Lynne Head
Eric Heidenheim
Margaret J. Hewitt
Dorothy Hollingsworth
Bruce Hulbert
Judith G. Hunter
Dale A. Inder
D'Arcy Irvine
Susan M. Irvine
R. Eleanor Jamieson
Dorothy M. Jones
Sylvia H. Kadlick
Marilyn and Brent Kelman
Robert and Lynda Kennedy
Ketchum Canada
Robert D. Klassen
Lea E. Lisa Klinger
Barbara Knight
Sheila M. Kostecki
George, Gillian and David Laidlaw
Mary I. Lawson
Kendra Lealess
David and Peggy Leighton
Cynthia Li
Patricia L. Lightfoot
Glyn Lloyd
Long and McQuade
Marilyn Loosemore
Nancy A. Lott
Corinne M. MacDonald
Lesley E. Mackay Hunter
Mary E. Mackesy
Kim Malcolm
Danielle McBride
Louise McGill
Professor Donald A. McKellar
Brenda Mercer
Lucy A. Millen
Stephan and Hilary Moccio
Glenna M. Morrison
Harvey R. Mulder
Dr. Michael F. Murphy
Leith Murray
Dr. Gerald Neufeld
New Horizons Band (London)
Jacqueline M. Newton
John and Margaret Nicholson
Lynne Oliver
Catherine L. Patterson
John N. Phillips
Maxine A. Price
Sharlaine D. Reid
Bruce D. and Jan Richardson
Dr. Colleen Richardson
Wilson and Judith Rodger
Mary J. Ross
William D. Rudiak
The late Mr. Joseph Samuels
Marion F. (Goldrick) Satchwill
Hally R. Siddons
Sisters of St. Joseph of the Diocese of London
Louise and Bob Slater
James V. Smythe
Society of Graduate Students in Music Society
Professor Robert Solomon and Dr. Barbara Lent
Dr. Jane M.Solose
David C. Stabler
Darryl Stacey
Audrey E. Stares
E. Jeanette Steeves
Don and Irla Stewart
Margaret Stewart
Sophia Tacak
Helen M. Telfer
Nancy Telfer
Thomas G. Telfer
Richard R.M. Terry
Mary Lou Tremills
Cindy L. Trostler
Robert Vogt
Elizabeth M. J. Walden
James and Sandra Weaver
Julie A. Weeks
Samuel G. Wendt
Linda C. Wharton
Marjorie E. Whytock
Suzanne K. Williams
Alison B. Witty
Bernice Wood Flett
Dr. Paul G. Woodford
Rhoda Elaine Wright
Jean Wuensch
Richard Yake
Barbara L. Young
Dr. Betty Anne Younker
Brenda and Bill Zadorsky

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this donor list. If any errors are noticed, please accept our apologies, and contact us at 519.661.2111 x84008. Each and every gift makes a difference and is appreciated.