Interdisciplinary Graduate Research Day 2017

This FIMULAW Research Day was an interdisciplinary event held at the Don Wright Faculty of Music on March 3, 2017 that showcased the work of graduate students in the faculties of Music, Information and Media Studies, and Law.  It featured three panel presentations (Contemporary Culture and Conflict, Information Ownership, and Understandings of Data), lightning talks, and poster presentations from graduate students in each of the three faculties. The day culminated in a faculty panel discussion about the value and challenges of interdisciplinary research.

pdf Program of Events


9:30-10:00   Registration
10:00            Welcoming Remarks
                       Dr. John Capone – Vice-President, Research
10:15            Musical Research Performance 1
10:25            Lightning Talks Round 1
10:35            Panel 1 – Contemporary Culture and Conflict
                      Moderator:  Dr. Jonathan DeSouza, Faculty of Music
                      Panelists:    Claire Burrows, Library & Information Science
                                            Alison Butler, Music Education
                                            Melanie McPhail, Law
11:20            Coffee Break
11:35            Panel 3 – Understandings of Data
                      Moderator: Dr. Jacob Shelley, Faculty of Law
                      Panelists:   Jeffrey Lupker, Music Research & Composition: Composition
                                           Lisa Macklem, Law
                                           Sadiq Raji, Health & Information Science
12:20            Lunch Break & Poster Session (Room 140, Music Building)
1:35              Musical Research Performance 2
1:45              Lightning Talks Round 2
2:00              Panel 2 – Information Ownership
                      Moderator: Dr. Sam Trosow, Faculty of Law
                      Panelists:   Christina Catenacci, Law
                                           Amy Freier, Media Studies
                                           Scott MacDonald, Library & Information Science    
2:45              Faculty Panel
                      Moderator:  Dr. Jacquie Burkell, FIMS
                      Panelists:    Dr. Anabel Quan-Hasse, FIMS
                                           Dr. Patrick Schmidt, Faculty of Music
                                           Dr. Sam Trosow, Faculty of Law
3:30              Closing Remarks
                      Dr. Mark Daley – Associate Vice-President, Research

Topics and Participants

Meghan Goguen, mezzo-soprano, Vocal Performance

Brianna DeSantis, Soprano, Vocal Performance

LIGHTNING TALKS ROUND 1 (10:25-10:35am)
True Threat, True Promise: Recklessness as the New ‘Praxis’
Dr. Cathy Benedict, Music Education

Collaborative Ensembles
Kathryn Dockstader, Music Education

No Hablo Español: Teaching and Learning Music in an Unknown Language
Gabriela Ocadiz Velazquez, Music Education

Retirement & Blues: The Specificity of Recording Artistry as Unionizied Occupation
Dr. Matt Stahl, Media Studies

Perception in Music Learning
Elizabeth Lucus, Music Education

Acoustics and the Singing Voice: The Effects of Venue Acoustics on Loudness & Vocal Effort in Trained Singers
Elizabeth Kinghorn, Music Education

POSTER SESSION (12:45-1:30pm)
"Tell Me How’s the Way To Go": Exploring End-of-Life Family Caregivers’ Information Practices
Jennie Abrahamson, Library & Information Science

Musicians for Life
Laura Benjamins, Music Education

Creating a Community of Composers: Approaches to a Middle School Choral Curriculum
Kelly Bylica, Music Education

Privacy in the Workplace: A Consideration of Emerging Technologies
Christina Catenacci, Law

Mind the Gap: Canadian Public Library Services for Older Adults
Nicole Dalmer, Library & Information Science

Conceptualizing the Public Library in Human Rights
Alison Frayne, Library & Information Science

Menstrual Metrics: An Analysis of Privacy and Security in Menstrual Health Tracking Applications
Alexandrina Hanam, Library & Information Science

Family Status Discrimination: The Never Ending Story
Christina Iannozi, Law

In Defense of the Private: Feminism, Care Ethics & Library Patron Privacy
Sarah Khraishi, Library & Information Science

Utilizing Music Technology in Today’s Classroom
Kristine Musgrove, Music Education

Approaching a Holistic Knowledge of Health Literacy Through Qualitative Research
Jennifer Opoku, Health & Information Science

International & Regional Responses to the EU Migrant Crisis: Too Little, Too Late?
Jenny Poon, Law

Musical Space: Intervals as Objects? What Intervals can tell us about Voice Leading
Adam Roy, Music Research and Composition: Music Theory

The Human Right to Food in the Intellectual Property (IP) Protection Era
Darinka Tomic, Law


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