Kristen Wallentinsen

PhD Candidate
Music Theory

Kristen Wallentinsen is a PhD candidate at Western University. Her research focuses on mathematical representations of melodic contour in music, and she is currently working to apply her contour methodology toward the study of familial relationships within a wide variety of repertoires. She has presented her research at conferences in New York, Ottawa, Wisconsin, Colorado, and New Mexico. She is the inaugural recipient of the Society for Music Theory’s SMT-40 Dissertation Fellowship, for her dissertation entitled “Fuzzy Family Ties: Measuring Familial Similarity between Contours of Different Cardinalities.” In 2015, she received the Rocky Mountain Society for Music Theory Best Student Paper Award, and she has twice received one of eight international Ontario Graduate Scholarships ($15,000), in 2015 and 2016. Some of her other research interests include the music of Brahms, music cognition, minimalism, music theory pedagogy, transformational theory, and the analysis of early music.

In addition to her research, Kristen is passionate about teaching music theory. She actively encourages her students to make connections between the theoretical concepts learned in the theory classroom and the music they perform. She has attended numerous music theory pedagogy workshops, and has published a report on the 2013 Workshops in Music Theory Pedagogy in the Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy.

Kristen has earned Master’s degrees in music theory and violin performance from the University of Massachusetts Amherst (2013), and a Bachelor’s degree in violin performance from the University of Arizona (2010).

Kristen is also an active musician in the London community. She is a member of the London Community Orchestra, and has performed with various musical theatre companies throughout the southern Ontario area.