Guaranteed Admission

Admission to the Bachelor of Education program at the Faculty of Education at Western

You may take one of two routes of entry to the Bachelor of Education program at the Faculty of Education at Western University.

1. Traditional Application

  • Apply to the Faculty of Education during the fall term of the fourth year of the Honours Bachelor of Music in Music Education degree.
  • For admission to the Faculty of Education, students must complete the Honours Bachelor of Music in Music Education degree requirements AND must meet all other requirements for the specific program to which they are applying.
  • Requirements for the Primary/Junior, Primary/Junior French as a Second Language, Junior/Intermediate, and Intermediate/Senior programs can be found on the Faculty of Education website.

2. Guaranteed Admission

  • Applies to students who have met slightly more rigorous requirements and satisfy the criteria for guaranteed entry to the Bachelor of Education program.
  • Details of these criteria are stated below.
  • Complete application form in the Fall of Year 3 expressing an interest in the Bachelor of Education program.
  • Write a short essay (ca. 1000 words) explaining why you want to become a teacher. Include discussion of the ways you believe you meet the Faculty of Education’s expectations of teacher candidates as stated at appendix 1.
Traditional Application vs. Guaranteed Admission comparison table

Traditional Application to Faculty of Education

Guaranteed Admission to Faculty of Education

Applies to PJ, JI, and IS levels

Applies to JI (vocal) and IS (vocal/instrumental) levels

Complete application during year 4, term 1 (available through Faculty of Education website)

Complete interest form/essay during year 3 (available through Music Education website).

Meet graduation requirements for Bachelor of Music with Honours in Music Education, including

  • Cumulative average of 70% or above in music courses
  • No mark under 60% in senior music courses
  • Passing grade in all non-music courses

(Note: Faculties of Education frequently require a 70% average in each teachable subject, so simply passing non-music courses may not support a second teachable subject)

Surpass graduation requirements for Bachelor of Music with Honours in Music Education

  • Cumulative average of 75% or above in music courses
  • A 70% average in courses for a second teachable subject, if applicable
  • No mark below 60%

(Note: Students interested in applying to teach at the PJ level should apply through the traditional process.)

Admission Options for Music Education Students to Faculty of Education

Additional information and important resources:

  • Faculty of Education; details about programs and teachable subjects
  • Faculty of Education; traditional admission application information and forms
  • Faculty of Music; Music Education program requirements
  • The form and instructions on its completion and submission are placed on the Department of Music Education website and advertised to students during the fall term.

Appendix 1
Becoming a teacher requires knowledge, skills and abilities, and the characteristics and qualities of a caring and professional person.

Particular kinds of knowledge and skill can be learned during the teacher education program but many of the personal attributes required of good teachers – enthusiasm, fairness, compassion, honesty, courage, humility - should already be part of your character, ready for future nurturing and development as you become a teacher.

Western’s Faculty of Education is looking for teacher candidates with attributes such as these:

  • Commitment
    • Sincerely interested in becoming a teacher
    • Sincerely interested in students and in ‘making a difference’ in their lives
    • Passionate, dedicated, willing to learn more than the minimum
  • Perseverance
    • Not easily discouraged, willing to work hard to overcome obstacles
  • Willingness to Learn & Engage in Professional Formation
    • Interested in new ideas and practices
    • Open and responsive to constructive criticism
    • Willing to seek assistance and support when and where appropriate
    • Open to self-evaluation and critical reflection
  • Fairness and Inclusivity
    • Values diversity amongst students and the differences in how students learn
    • Culturally sensitive and gender fair
    • Respectful, patient, and compassionate towards all students
    • Believes in the ability of all students to learn
  • Mature Work Habits
    • Organizes work and manages time effectively
    • Works collaboratively or independently as needed
    • Shows initiative and flexibility

Teaching in Canada

A teacher who is interested in teaching in another province/territory should begin the process well ahead of the commencement of the school year. The first requirement is to obtain an evaluation from the department of education in the new province/territory. All teachers must apply to the appropriate agency for verification of their standing and the eligibility for certification, and will be required to submit appropriate documentation including official transcripts, birth certificate and in some cases, a health certificate. For more information please visit the Canadian Teachers' Federation website.