Research Officer

Appointment Announcement

November 4, 2015

The Don Wright Faculty of Music is pleased to announce the appointment of our new Research Officer: Karen Kueneman.  Karen is sharing her expertise between three faculties:  The Faculty of Information & Media Studies, The Faculty of Law, and the Don Wright Faculty of Music.

Karen Kueneman has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Waterloo in Developmental Psychology with Early Childhood Education, and a Masters Degree from Western University in Library and Information Science. Karen has had hands-on experience as a researcher by collecting and analyzing data in projects as various as the play behavior of school-age children; relationship development of toddlers; humour and Type A behavior; post-partum depression and its effects on child development; and Phase IV trials of new antidepressant drugs. Prior to coming to the Faculty of Music, she was a Research Officer in the Faculty of Education for 9 years and before that she was an Ethics Officer at Western’s Office of Research Ethics for 5 years where she gained a great deal of experience in providing advice to researchers in preparing ethics proposals and responding to the recommendations of the Research Ethics Board.

About the Research Officer

Karen’s main goal is to facilitate the navigation of the grant application process by faculty members. She will identify and share funding opportunities, eligibility requirements, procedures, and deadlines with faculty members. She will work closely with faculty members to assist them in preparing competitive grants by consulting, reviewing, editing and providing feedback on applications. She will also work with individual faculty members to promote their research through knowledge mobilization opportunities and applications for honors and awards.  Karen will also assist faculty members to complete the data entry on ROLA applications.

More Information

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Karen Kueneman, MLIS
Research Officer
Faculty of Information & Media Studies (NCB 250 - Wednesday)
Faculty of Law (LB 117 - Monday)
Don Wright Faculty of Music (TC 230 - Tuesday)
Western University
Information for Researchers:
t. 519-661.2111 ext 85383