Adam Roy

PhD Candidate
Music Theory
Office: TC 428

Adam Roy is a current PhD Candidate in Music Theory. He holds a Bachelor of Music Degree with Honors and Distinction from Queen’s University, and a Master’s of Arts in Music Theory from the University of Ottawa. His 2015 Master’s thesis, “Music in Motion: A Metaphoric Mapping of Forces in Piano Concertos by Mozart and Schumann,” examines the role of energetics in conceptualizing and describing musical processes. His PhD dissertation, Motivic Metamorphosis: Modelling Intervallic Transformations in Schoenberg’s Early Works, aims to understand better the melodic shape manipulations within Schoenberg’s early instrumental works.

Adam has presented papers at graduate and national conferences. He has participated in workshops on music theory pedagogy and music analysis at the Society for Music Theory annual and regional meetings. He is currently involved in the Western community as the Coordinator of the 2018 Western University Graduate Symposium on Music (WUGSOM), Vice-Chair of the Society of Graduate Students in Music, and active within the Society of Graduate Students. In the 2015/2016 academic year, Adam received a Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award demonstrating excellence and commitment to higher education. Adam also recently joined the teaching complement at Western’s Teaching Support Centre as a TA Training Instructor.